Message from Principal

message from principal

Warm greetings and welcome to Shree Tribhuwan Secondary School, Bhurigaun (Kanchanpur), Bardiya. Since the establishment of the school in 2020 BS, it has come a long way as a non-profit educational institution. I would like to acknowledge the remarkable efforts of our stakeholders, co-founders, local public and the staff in dedicating their time and work in the growth of the school. The latest technologies and facilities that the students are receiving today is possible because of their valuable contributions.

The school has been consistent in providing technical education to the students with discipline and certain regulations that are unbreakable in the eyes of the management. The discipline and the rules are the keys to our success stories and have shaped the dedication of the teachers and students. The quality of education this school provides is focused on transforming our students into skilled and worthy adults. The education and guidance the students receive from us are their stepping stones to success.

I thank the management for helping us improve and invite the students and parents in participating in our upcoming events to help their child improve as well.

With Regards - Mr. Kusheshwar Prasad Chaudhary

Principal - Shree Tribhuvan Secondary School